Methods For Mixing Antiques Into Modern Decor

antique dresser with phone

If you’re redecorating your home, you’re bound to run into the problem of making your old family antiques work in relation to the new design elements you’d like to switch over to. Many old pieces of furniture and decorative fixtures were made in styles that are far more fanciful than anything seen today, with plenty of curves, patterns, and textures in wildly liberal display. You don’t have to say goodbye to all of your older, more treasured items however. By keeping the following in mind, you’ll find that mixing antiques into modern decor is actually quite simple.

1 – Contrast

Use the differences of your antiques and the clean lines and muted color palettes to your advantage. You can keep everything else in the room relatively sparse and simple, while using the antiques as the sole provider for visual interest. They’ll essentially be given center stage.

2 – Color

antique store with bike parked infrontTo make sure the above tip doesn’t lead to a clashing aesthetic however, you should be mindful of the colors. By using neutral colors such as white, black, and grey, you can easily make any antique look right at home. Always consider what combinations of colors work best together however. Complimentary pairs such as yellow and violet or blue and orange will always work. To keep your rooms still looking modern however, make sure to keep the overall mixtures of color at a minimum.

3 – Sparsity

Finally, be sure to embrace the idea that “less is more.” Pick only one or two central pieces for the focal point of each room. That might include a nice antique coffee table for the living room or a special light fixture over the dining room table. Don’t run into the trap of trying to cram as many pieces into one area as possible.

With that, you should find mixing antiques into modern decor a much more successful prospect. As long as you don’t over-complicate the process, you should be able to pull off any combination with relative success. Good luck!

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